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Should I go for my manual licence or automatic licence?
The choice is always up to you, but you should remember that if you get an automatic probationary licence that is the only type of vehicle you can drive until your probationary period has ended. Unless you re-sit a test in a manual vehicle.

How many lessons should I have before I go for my licence test?
There is no minimum or maximum number of lessons that a person must have before going for their licence test however our Driver Trainers will give you an accurate assessment of how many you need after your first lesson.

Will the Driving School organise the Vicroads Test Booking?
Yes, we offer that service for free.

Where can I start and finish my lessons?
You can start and finish your lesson anywhere you want within reason, which can be home, school, work etc.

Do I have to drive on busy roads on my first lesson?
Your driving instructor will be very patient with you and will discuss with you if you would like to start your lesson on quiet streets etc.
Everybody is at a different level - your instructor will adjust your lesson accordingly. Always remember all our vehicles have the latest Dual Control Pedal Systems for your safety.

How much do lessons cost and how long do they go for?
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Do you have any special deals?
Yes, click here

What days and hours do you operate?
7 days a week and from early morning to early evening.


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